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Data Annotation

Data Annotation is the human-powered data labeling of text, images, video, and audio data to enable machine learning systems to identify objects within data. Our global pool of resources at Venga provide annotation solutions customized to your machine learning needs. We preprocess your data with metadata tags to make clean and usable data sets for your AI training programs.

Data Collection

Venga is recognized as a leader in delivering quality and custom solutions for our customers’ AI training sets. Every project is evaluated from the bottom up to ensure fit-for-purpose rules and guidelines for our teams and adapted technology solutions for higher accuracy, quality control, and scalability.

Data Validation

The value of data sets goes down exponentially if the quality is poor. Validate your data to improve accuracy in your machine learning models.

Multilingual Data

Translating data for machine learning requires more than just native speakers. Our linguists are trained in data collection translation projects to adapt their translation style to the task and to follow the ML rules as specified. You get a consistent quality data set.

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