multilingual data annotation improves machine learning
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How Does Multilingual Data Annotation Improve Machine Learning?

Machine learning is all around us. From voice search to music recommendations, you likely enjoy the benefits in everyday life. However, in order for a machine learning model to learn on its own, it needs to interpret massive amounts of data to recognize patterns. And that’s where data annotation comes in. Simply put, data annotation […]
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How Data Translation Builds Better AI

Good AI doesn’t just happen (though it can seem like that when your smart home assistant jumps into a conversation). In order to train natural language processing algorithms behind the AI we use daily, tech companies need lots of quality training data to support their multilingual AI. At Venga, we work on data collection translation […]
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Using Diverse Voice Data to Improve Your Speech Recognition Engine

Today’s voice search technology can’t quite read our minds, but it has the power to learn to understand them. Right now, nearly half of all searches in the US are voice-activated. Around the globe, nearly a third of global internet users rely on voice search or virtual assistants to get information, shop, and communicate. But […]
How to build better multilingual data sets for computer vision training
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How to Build Better Multilingual Datasets for Computer Vision Training

Computer vision is an integral part of the modern world. Facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, and imaged-based diagnostics are just a few of the technologies that use it to operate. So, what is computer vision? Simply put, it’s an interdisciplinary field that enables computers to “see” and interpret the content of digital images such as photographs […]